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In Proceedings of IEEE 2002 Workshop on Speech Synthesis, Santa Monica, California, 2002. 5. D. Caseiro, H. Meinedo, A. Serralheiro, I. Trancoso and J. Neto, Spoken Book alignment using WFST HLT 2002 Human Language Technology Conference, San Diego, California, 2002. 6. F. Malfr`ere and T. Dutoit, High-Quality Speech Synthesis for Phonetic Speech Segmentation. In Proceedings of Eurospeech’97, Rhodes, Greece, 1997. 7. N. Campbell, Autolabelling Japanese TOBI. In Proceedings of ICSLP’96, Philadelphia, USA, 1996.

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A Basic Theorem in the Computation of Ellipsoidal Error Bounds by Guderley K. G., Keller C. L.

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