A Grammar of the Greek papyri of the Roman and Byzantine - download pdf or read online

By Francis T Gignac

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Galen, med. D. , Geminus, astron. C. , Herodian, gram. D. , Herodotus, hist. C. , Hegesander, hist. C. , Herrnippus, com. C. , Hermogenes, rhet. D. Hero� mech. C.? Herod. , Herodes Atticus, hist. D. , Hesiod, epic. vii B. C. , Himerius, soph. D. , Hipparchus, phil. ap. , I-Iippolytus, eccl. D. , Heliodorus, erot. D. , Homer, epic. C. , Horapollo, gram. D.? , Hippocrates, med. C. , Hesychius, lexic. D.? , Hyperides, orat. C. , Isaeus, orat. C. socrates, orat. C. , Josephus, hist. D. , Julian, emp.

I. Der Artikel. W. fur das Schuljahr 1902. Munster, 1903. 26 Bibliography and Abbreviations Wackernagel, Jakob. " IF 25 (1909), 326-37. Wackernagel, J. Studien zum griechischen Perfectum. Programme Gottingen. Gottingen, 1904. Reprinted in Jacob Wackemagel, Kleine Schriften, hg. von der Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Got­ tingen, 2te Aufl. (Gottingen, 1969), i. 1034-58. "= Wessely, Karl. "Die lateinischen Elemente in der Grazitat der agyptischen Papyrusurkunden. Wiener St11dien 24 (1902), 99-151; 25 (1903), 40-77.

Scymnus, geogr. C. , Simonides, lyr. C. , Simplicius, phil. D. , Symmachus, exeg. D. , Soranus, med. D. , Stobaeus, Joannes, anth. D. , Strabo, geogr. D. , Suidas, lexic. D. , Synesius of Cyrene, theol. D. , Thucydides, hist. C. , Themistius, soph. D. , Theocritus, poet. C. , Theognis, eleg. C. , Theophrastus, phil. C. , Tzetzes, Joannes, gram. D. , Vettius Valens, astral. D. , Xenophon, hist. C. 2. , anthology (writer) . , bearbeitet ed. , etymologically . , except conj . , note(s), number(s) n.

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