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By Alan C. L. Yu

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This ebook provides the 1st cross-linguistic examine of the phenomenon of infixation, as a rule linked in English with phrases like "im-bloody-possible", and located in all of the world's significant linguistic households. Infixation is a vital puzzle in prosodic morphology: Professor Yu explores its prosodic, phonological, and morphological features, considers its varied capabilities, and formulates a common concept to give an explanation for the foundations and constraints wherein it's ruled. He examines 154 infixation styles from over 100 languages, together with examples from Asia, Europe, Africa, New Guinea, and South the USA. He compares the formal homes of other types of infix, explores the variety of diachronic pathways that bring about them, and considers the approaches in which they're received in first language studying. A significant argument of the ebook matters the concept that the typological trends of language will be traced again to its origins and to the mechanisms of language transmission. The ebook therefore combines the heritage of infixation with an exploration of the function diachronic and practical elements play in synchronic argumentation: it's an exemplary example of the holistic method of linguistic explanation.Alan Yu's pioneering learn will curiosity phonologists and morphologists of all theoretical persuasions, in addition to typologists and historic linguists.

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The eVect of paradigm uniformity comes into play when paradigmatic members incur diVerent markedness violations. As shown in (64), paradigm (64d), where /ag/ is inWxed after the Wrst consonant of the root while /nag/ is preWxed, is ruled out since it fatally violates Anchor-OP, which penalizes 17 The Wrst member within each bracketed voice paradigm is the irrealis inXection and the second is the realis. 44 What is inWxation? paradigms with members showing non-matching stem-alignment relations.

Phonological sensitivity is often encoded in the form of phonological subcategorization, that is, an inWx is an aYx that subcategorizes speciWcally for a phonological constituent as its sister, rather than a morphological one. Simplifying the analysis at this juncture, the expletive inWx in English, for example, can be treated as lodging before a stressed trochaic foot (FT’). Such a subcategorization requirement may be stated in terms of a subcategorization frame or a GA constraint (21). , bloody-(ha´ppy)).

Gloss ‘sang’ ‘gave to’ ‘bought for’ ‘caused to run for’ Schematically, Halle’s Onset Metathesis analysis of inWxation can be stated as follows: (16) Onset Metathesis n X 1 i C … X+ X 2 3 4 C → i n … X X X 3 2 1 4 This understanding of ‘inWxation’ follows from generative theories of grammar that are strictly modular. Operations in one module, like Syntax, are prevented from accessing or referring to information derived in another module, such as the phonological component. This view was reXected in Moravcsik’s 1977 seminal treatise on the rules of inWxing which implements the separation of information by proposing a metaconstraint against heteromodality in grammatical statements.

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A Natural History of Infixation (Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics) by Alan C. L. Yu

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