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By Albert G. Ingalls

Backwoods Philosophy-Everest replicate Making Sub-diameter instruments steel Mirrors and residences Astigmatism-Warner Prisms, residences, Mirrors- construction A Quantitative Optical try for Telescope Mirrors-King appearing the Ronchi try Quantitatively The Hartmann Test-Calder Flats-Selby Notes the of Optical resting tips to Make Eyepiece Lenses The Refractor-Metal components and Mounting-Taylor The Refracting Telescope-Principles of Operation and ConstructionHaviland in general at the target Lens goal Scopes-Kirkham For the Rifleman trying out Convex round Surfaces-King Collimation and Adjustment Diagonal movement Telescope Drives-Lower for better Telescopes Spring Drives for Telescopes The Springfield Mounting-Pattern Making-Porter With of Molding and Casting Molding and Casting Parts-Ferson Molding and Casting a Fork-Mason Springfield Mounting mideligw on Molding and Casting Machining the Springfield Mounting-Porter Motor Drives, Counterweighting, Pier-Springfield Mounting-Porter....

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S h e manner of strolcing is inucli tlie saine as in tlie conv~ntioiialmethod of hand working, but a certain precaution must be observed if dire liappeniiigs are not t o result. I t is iinperative that the workrr's wtilking around the pedestal or barre1 be very regular. If it is not, ahtig~liatismm;iy be groiind in, and i t may or may not be ground out in tlie su1,srquerit workiiig. One naturally woiiders, in first contemplating this process, why the mirror will becomc coiicave, wlieri with a11 of our prcvious experiences i t was tlie upper member tli:rt becaine concave, while tlie lower one hrcame convex.

SMALL TOOLS 51 with mirrors of short foca1 length. One word of warning: The mirror, when face up, is much more likely t o be scratched. U. E . I17arnsr, C'hicclgo, Zllinois: There is nothing particularly new in the use of the sniall tool iii rvorking optical surfaces, nor is the method of working a mirror "fnce up" a novel one. In fact, practically ti11 of the larger rnirrors are mnde in this manner. Nearly al1 rnachine grinding and polisliirig is done in tliis way. I n a o r k i n g mirrors by tliis metliod it is the mirror hlank, nnd not the tool, that is fastened t o the pedestal.

For the proper Iiurnidity t o reduce evaporation effects, it 46 MIRILOR MAKING if too f a r out use thosc slio\vn in Figure 30, riplit. T r y t o deteririine the pro1)er strokes early in tlie fipuring and liolcl to tliem. Slie distributiori of iiititeriiil tu ht. remoreti can be seen by lnying a straiglitetlge arross tlie tal) of tlie I:ist curvc in "'l'lic. iiter of currature, :inri not develop t i hole. 'rlie first curve iii the family sliows tlir p r o l ~ c r cross-sectioii. 11s tlic differeiice between iriside antl outhicle raclii of curvature oppro:t<-lies +/R, work should be more and more leisiirely, witli plirity of tiiiie oii tlie testing stand for the mirror t o coriie to ecluilibrium.

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