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By Philip R. Davies, David J. A. Clines

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3-4) will lea d t o th e eye s o f th e blin d an d the ear s o f th e dea f bein g opened , th e lam e jumpin g an d th e dum b singing fo r jo y (vv . 5-6a) , an d t o th e retur n o f th e peopl e t o Zio n (vv. 8-10) . 17-24 . The statemen t tha t Israel wil l 'no t see' th e invade r speakin g i n a n unintelligibl e language (nst o ""pa r o r nro •p N ]^ in? ] uiatia , v . 1 1 that Yahwe h wil l spea k t o Israe l a messag e o f 1. BHS. AITKEN Hearing an d Seeing 3 5 judgment throug h the unintelligible speech (mn N p^r n nst o ^D) of the invader , whic h presupposed th e contras t 'hear-no t understand' .

9-1 6 it is the n applied t o the prophets i n terms o f 'seeing' . 8-24, firs t t o the people themselve s and then to their false prophets . 13), bu t no w mos t especiall y i n thei r politica l life . Her e to o th e transformation consist s essentially i n th e severin g of Israe l an d thei r false prophet s from the possibility of knowledge and understanding to make judgmen t certain , no w throug h Yahweh' s 'blinding ' o f th e prophets an d his speaking to the people i n an unintelligible language.

6 . Furthermore , the y demonstrat e that any proposed solution must explain th e presence o f um esos i n th e present for m o f the verse . The versions poin t t o a potential solutio n by positing a hiphil form of th e ver b s'ws/sys. Thi s i s especiall y clea r i n lQIsa a, whic h read s umesis, and Targum Jonathan and Peshitta which employ reading s tha t would bes t b e rendere d i n Hebre w b y th e waw-consecutiv e hiphil imperfect wayyasisu (cf . LXX and Vulgate) . Nevertheless , althoug h each o f thes e reading s offer s certai n advantages , neithe r i s entirel y satisfactory.

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