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Offers functions in addition to the elemental thought of analytic features of 1 or numerous complicated variables. the 1st quantity discusses purposes and easy idea of conformal mapping and the answer of algebraic and transcendental equations. quantity covers subject matters widely hooked up with usual differental equations: designated services, imperative transforms, asymptotics and endured fractions. quantity 3 information discrete fourier research, cauchy integrals, building of conformal maps, univalent services, strength concept within the aircraft and polynomial expansions.

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3 > 0, + p(A). 0. ). Then A 0 0 E A 0 o E A + == AI + + EJ; + hence lubE [W(AI J) W-l] == lubE' [W(AI J) W-l] == I A I E. This shows that K can be taken to be a polytope. But K can as well be taken to be an ellipsoid. In fact, by direct evaluation + EJ)(AI + EJ)H] == p[(AI + EJ)(AI + EJ)H] lubE [(AI hence 1 A 12 ( 1 +2 A + I AE I 1 1 + 2, I E 1 E I )2, + + and consequently no singular value of AI EJ can exceed I )~ I I E I. A matrix A will be said to be of class M in case there exists a convex body K such that lub K (A) (3) == p(A).

In solving SEC. 2 NORMS AND BOUNDS 41 differential equations) it is sometimes necessary to consider spaces of increasingly high order, and to introduce a factor n-1 into the vector norms to keep them bounded. This has no effect on the matrix bounds. If P is nonsingular, then (3) H = PK => I x IIH = I p-lX 11 K lub H (A) , = lub K (P-IAP). Thus, x E I x IIHH; hence p-lX E I x IIII K . Hence I p-lX 11K < I X IIH. Analogously I x I H < I p-lX I K. This theorem is of particular interest when P is a matrix of proper vectors of A.

But this can only be 1p which is minimal for v and hence of all minimal polynomials has maximum degree. Hence 1p annihilates every vector in the plane of u and v, and since u was any vector whatever, other than v, 1p annihilates every vector in space. Since 1p annihilates every vector, it annihilates in particular every ei , hence 1p(A) 1p(A)J = O. Thus the matrix A satisfies the equation 1p(A) = 0, and does not satisfy any equation of lo\\"er degree. Hence 1p is the minimal polynomial for A. Likewise ip, the polynomial obtained when every coefficient of 1p is replaced by its conjugate, is the minimal polynomial for A H.

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