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1 Using the conditional compilation facility. iam = 0 ! The following statement is compiled only when ! $& iam = omp_get_thread_num() ... The following statement is incorrect, since ! the sentinel is not preceeded by white space ! $ + offset ... This is the correct way to write the above ! statement. The right-hand side of the ! following assignment is x + offset with OpenMP ! enabled, and only x otherwise. y = x & + offset In C and C++ all OpenMP implementations are required to define the preprocessor macro name _OPENMP to the value of the year and month of the approved OpenMP specification in the form yyyymm.

The sentinel may begin in any column so long as it appears as a single word and is preceded only by white space. $opm & with the ampersand as the last token on that line. C and C++ OpenMP pragmas follow the syntax #pragma omp ... The omp keyword distinguishes the pragma as an OpenMP pragma, so that it is processed as such by OpenMP compilers and ignored by nonOpenMP compilers. Since OpenMP directives are identified by a well-defined prefix, they are easily ignored by non-OpenMP compilers.

The distinction is important. The iterations of a loop have meaning only for the extent of the loop. Once the loop is completed, there are no more iterations to map to parallel threads (at least until the next loop begins). An array, on the other hand, will have meaning across many loops. When we map a section of an array to a parallel thread, that thread has the opportunity to execute all the calculations on its array elements, not just those of a single loop. In general, to parallelize an application using parallel regions, we must think of decomposing the problem in terms of the underlying data structures and mapping these to the parallel threads.

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